Julie + Mike’s March 20th Wedding – Nashua, New Hampshire

This past Saturday we kicked off our 2021 wedding season with Julie + Mike Bayliss!! I’ve known them both for about the same amount of time they’ve been together – 7 years. It seems like yesterday they started dating.

Julie + Mike met at Angle Pond Grove in Sandown, New Hampshire. APG is a seasonal campground. The camp theme spread through the day. From their #hashtag #FromAPGtoMrsB, to the camp signs staged near the bar, and the marshmallows we used as photo props.

The girls had a beautiful suite which was set up so you could walk through each room to create a circle through the bedroom, living area, bathroom & hallway. The room was filled with SO much laughter as they all got their hair and makeup done. Julie was doing laps around that circle – anxiously waiting to meet Mike for their first look.

Julie handed me all of her accessories. Again, the sentimental ones are my favorite. She lost her dad in August of 2018 and both of her grandparents this last December 2020 – just a couple of weeks apart- they were married 71 years. She had beautiful photo charms of all of them hanging from her bouquet. She also wore a stunning amethyst ring of her grandmothers.

Their ceremony was probably my favorite part of the day. Never have I ever wedding addition – Never have I ever witnessed guests cheer as the bridal party walked down the aisle. Never have I ever heard a bride say “PUT IT ON
” when they were exchanging rings & of course Mike had to say it as well for his turn- It was SO FUN!!

Here is a peek into their day, enjoy!!

Photographers: Stephanie Strydom + Maleida Cook

Location: Courtyard by the Marriott / Event Center- Nashua NH

DJ: Chuck Uglietta – 617 Weddings

Hair + Makeup: Refeyeance V Makeup and Hair – Kim + Analise

Bridal Shop: Marry + Tux Bridal

Tuxes: Marry + Tux Bridal

Cake + Cupcakes: Fredrick’s Pastries

Officiant: Julie’s Aunt – Ann Marie LeBlanc

Videographer: Franco – 617 Weddings