Wedding Day Etsy Finds

Alright Ladies + Gents! There is SOOO much stuff out there to personalize your wedding and honestly I love seeing how everyone makes their day, their own. BUT for fun – Here are some of my favorite ETSY finds (& links) for your wedding day!!

And Hey maybe you’ll get a few more ideas to personalize your day!

How great is this for the cryer in your life.. I guarantee they’ll smile when they read it.

Keep your shit together!

How beautiful are these memorial charms? You can have small photos of the people you miss, be with you for the day.

Memorial Charms for bouquet

I love this flowy hairstyle matched with a dainty headpiece.

Pearl Headpiece

Don’t forget the accessories for a groom! These would make an amazing wedding gift!

Custom Cufflinks

Initial Cufflinks

Superhero Cufflinks

How sweet are these! Perfect groomsmen gifts!

Superhero Socks!

Nora + Matt (2019) actually had some of these photo cufflinks with Nora’s face on them. SO creative!

Memorial Cufflinks

Memorial Candle

These brooch pins are the perfect small touch!

Personalized Brooch

Personalized Brooch

Satin robes! I love the shimmer!

Bridesmaids Robes with the option to personalize

Memorial Shoe Charms

These tie clips are a perfect!

Personalized Tie Clip

Even if you don’t purchase hangers for everyone, I always recommend at least grabbing one for the bride. Plastic hangers do not photograph nearly as well.

Bridesmaids Hangers

His & Her vow books are a fave! They look so much classier than your iphone notepad 😉

Custom Vow Books

Ring boxes to match the colors of your wedding. It adds a touch of pop to your detail photos!

Ring boxes

Paper guest books seem to be a thing of the past. Something like this wooden slab would hang perfectly in your home!

Alternative Guest Book
Lapel Pin

Anna + Cody (2020) had these made for their dads! Such a beautiful gift.

Tie Photo Patch