Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions

The Details: 

November 10, 11, 12, 17, 18

20 Minute Session

Windy Meadow Christmas Tree Farm in Fremont, NH

12 Digital Files (with option to purchase additional)

Max 4-5 People


( $125 will be invoiced through me, please bring an additional $20 cash to donate to the farm)

$50 Non-Refundable Deposit to book your time. Once you choose a time, your deposit needs to be paid within 48 hours or it will go to the next person interested in that date / time.


Here is some information and frequently asked questions: 

Sessions are 20 minutes long, the 30 minute time block gives me just enough time to reset everything and to grab a sip of coffee 😉

Please be 5-10 minutes early and please wait in the area of your car.  If you are late, unfortunately it will come off your time.

I know how hard it is to get everyone ready and out the door, dressed to impress. That being said I strongly recommend having your outfits ready the day before. I can’t tell you how many people go to put their outfits on and their clothes are stained or don’t fit and they are shopping the morning of.

Kids pick up on stress, if you’re hustling to make it on time, everyone will be stressed and I really would love to see everyone have fun and relax so we can create amazing images.



Choose something you are comfortable in. If you are not comfortable, it will show. Try to coordinate outfits, rather than match them. Choose 2-3 colors to focus on & build from there! I recommend laying all of your outfits out on a bed to see how they coordinate.

Avoid large logos / graphics and try to limit the solid white/black clothing (add a scarf, jacket or sweater).

Patterns are OK, just make sure they don’t clash or over power each other.

We will be outdoors, in November, dress warm & cozy.

Yes, your child’s paw patrol sneakers will be in the images. No, I will not crop his feet out at his ankles. (LOL)



We originally toyed with the idea of allowing dogs, but after careful consideration, we have decided not to. It is a very small farm and the owner has concern over his free range chickens. I apologize if that disappoints anyone.



The deposit is non-refundable, only in very special circumstances will I make an exception for that.



If there is rain expected I will make the call the night before and we will re-schedule. If we cannot find a date that accommodates both of our schedules, your deposit will be credited to your account for a future session.


Lastly, I am trying out this new booking software for mini sessions only. Please visit the link below to select your time slot on the 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th or 18th. Once you select your time slot I will e-mail you an invoice. Lighting is better in the early morning & late afternoon, if the option is available, choose that first. If not we have some tricks to ensure you still have excellent portraits.


Thank you & I look forward to seeing you!!