To my love

To my love on Valentine’s Day,

Thank you…

for taking a chance on me, on us.

for our beautiful children.

for taking care of me after each of their births & everyday before and after.

for providing for us.

for getting up at 4am every day to do so.

for bringing me home starbucks without me asking.

for doing diaper changes & bum wipes.

for bath times.

for snuggles.

for being so handsome 😉

for not arguing with me over getting a real christmas tree instead of a fake one.

for supporting my dreams.

for dealing with my sign obsession.

and also my grey’s anatomy obsession.

for listening to me say “this is my favorite song” for 10,000 different songs.

for kissing me when im sleeping, even when you think i dont know.

for your willingness to always help my family, whether it be building something or shoveling.

for being a jungle gym to our kids.

for being passionate.

for killing all the bugs.

for being dependable.

for being committed to our marriage.

for choosing me.

for valuing me as a wife and a mama.

for being an incredible husband.

for being an amazing dadda.

for loving me, even when i was unlovable.

for everything you do.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my forever Valentine. I love you!



Your Liefie <3






  1. Linda riley says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your husband. You are both so lucky to have each other! 💜💜


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