Ellison 17

Well, we’re back.

This morning around 3am while Cohen was eating, he started choking and then stopped breathing for quite a few seconds. It literally felt like a lifetime. Thank GOD I knew what to look for from being at the special care nursery for so long. I was able to turn him over & pat his back pretty hard for him to start again. After that he was totally normal, I of course was wide awake the rest of the night/morning watching every breath he took.

Fast forward to this afternoon, we were in Boston for his pulmonology appointment. I was speaking to the doctor about our original concerns & told her about this morning. Well, it got us a one way ticket to “Ellison 17,” the 17th floor at Mass General Hospital.


They’re currently monitoring him & his feedings. Tomorrow they plan to run a series of tests to (fingers crossed) rule out any serious lung problems. They suspect he may have some fluid in his lungs. He’ll also meet with a gastroenterologist team to confirm whether or not he has reflux.

I’m thankful we had one week of freedom, but sincerely praying this isn’t an extended stay. Ill post an update when i know what is going on.

Fingers crossed Cohen sleeps tonight so his neighbor, a 5 year old little boy who is post op (& his tired mama) can sleep too!